The idea behind STS is a place for both writers and readers to learn about science. There is little in the way of easily accessible news that falls somewhere between Nature (published by scientists for scientists) and Popular Science (published by journalists for people who like to see pictures of things blowing up). What we’d like to offer you is a collective of translators, students who have been groomed to understand the jargon that papers rely on, but also want to reject the superiority complex inherent in such publications. Want to know what the G8 Climate Bill really says, or what’s actually going to happen with the Large Hallidron Collider, or what the big deal is about Ardi? We know, and we know how to tell you – no dictionary required.

STS is looking for anyone interested in contributing to this collective. Much like science, cannot stand on the voice of one person, neither can science journalism. Whatever your specialty, there is news to cover. Cover it here!


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  1. Lila M.


    Who can I contact if I am interested in getting involved?



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